We serve some of the most sophisticated construction and engineering firms in the industry. We will earn your trust, and want to be more than your attorneys. Our goal is long-term partnership with our clients.

At BBG Construction Law,  we support our clients through every step of the dispute resolution process, including negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and – if necessary – trial. Our experience extends to jury and bench trials, judicial references, arbitrations, bid protests, dispute review boards, and administrative hearings. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, when a trial is necessary, our attorneys have the experience to try the case with confidence and skill. Our agile, intuitive response to problems allows us to tailor a solution that’s right for you, saving you time, money, and stress.

Preparing credible and well-supported change orders and claims for additional time and money in response to unanticipated and changed circumstances are essential to project success. Almost every project has a need for changes to the original scope of work at some point, and following correct procedures and best practices goes a long way toward avoiding any conflict over claims. Our lawyers add real value by applying decades of experience in pursuing and defending claims. Our goal is to support the project team by proactively avoiding claims.  When they are necessary, we’ll help draft documents in a manner that demands attention and approval, so you can get the job done.

From pre-construction planning to preparing contracts to drafting change orders, getting a project from start to finish is a big job. Our attorneys are here to provide counsel from beginning to end to make the process more timely, efficient, and seamless for everyone involved. We provide close support to project teams to ensure the project is in the best possible position for success from a contractual and legal standpoint. If a project appears headed towards a dispute, our team will proactively avoid problems by identifying and resolving issues early, or by developing a strategy and timeline for cost-effective resolution. We allow your project team to focus on what they do best – building the project.

The basis of any well-executed project is a well-crafted and negotiated contract.  A good contract can not only set appropriate expectations for all parties, but it can also head off any issues or misunderstandings once the project is underway. A proper review (and sometimes negotiation) of a contract can be one of your greatest assets when it comes to project management.


Our attorneys have reviewed and negotiated hundreds of contracts ranging in value from $1M to over $1.5B and have supported our clients through the procurement process from the RFQ phase through the award. We are experienced in most forms of contract delivery, including traditional bid, CM agent, CMAR, design-build, EPC, integrated project delivery, and PPP, so you won’t waste any time getting us up to speed. We are ready to quickly and effectively prepare the contracts you need, so you can get to work.

Risks are inherent in all businesses, but the construction industry poses some unique challenges to companies trying to assess and mitigate how much risk. The risks in construction are different from other industries and the allocation of risk and the economic consequences of risk are significant contributors to project success.


At BBG Construction Law, we work with our clients to develop effective processes for:


  • Event identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Response and mitigation planning
  • Communication
  • Controls
  • Monitoring


Preparation is the key to success. Managing risk is best done proactively, so creating processes to assess and mitigate risk early is vital to your project’s success. We’ll help identify areas of concern and find tailored solutions that fit your business and projects.

Even Though We are a Smaller Firm, They Respond. I Feel Like I’m a priority of theirs. The advice they’ve given has always been sound legal advice. From a value-for-money perspective, they are valuable to me. They are fair in their billing and don’t nickeland-dime me. You get what you pay for, and you get Great value from them.” 

Client feedback, Chambers USA 2021 Report