Kelsey Ets Hokin

Kelsey Ets Hokin brings an unparalleled depth of expertise to the intersection of construction management and construction litigation. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in construction project management, Kelsey has honed her skills on the ground, most notably through her impactful work at Denver International Airport on landmark projects like the Hotel and Transit Center and Great Hall Programs.


Transitioning her career into the legal realm without a formal legal education, Kelsey’s real-world knowledge of high-value construction projects uniquely positions her to navigate the complexities of construction disputes. As a Senior Special Projects Analyst at BBG, she has been instrumental in developing and supporting claims for complex litigation, leveraging her construction management expertise to analyze project documents, identify critical facts (including adverse ones), and construct comprehensive narratives that bolster legal strategies.


Kelsey’s work is distinguished by her methodical approach to claim preparation, notably her capability to research and draft “Death by a thousand cuts” claims. Her analytical skill enables her to sift through extensive documentation to uncover and articulate the nuances of project delays, disruptions, and defects. Her contributions have been vital in claims ranging from multimillion-dollar delay and disruption claims in mixed-use and pharmaceutical manufacturing projects to high-stakes litigation involving design defects and standard of care issues in heavy-civil highway projects.


In her role, Kelsey bridges the gap between construction know-how and legal strategy, providing lawyers with a robust foundation of facts and analysis to make compelling arguments on behalf of clients. Her dedication to creating detailed, fact-laden mediation statements and presentations demonstrates her commitment to excellence and her indispensable role in the legal process surrounding construction disputes.


Kelsey’s approach is not just about uncovering facts; it’s about crafting a narrative that is as persuasive as it is precise, ensuring that every piece of evidence is leveraged to its fullest potential in advocating for clients.

KELSEY Ets Hokin

Sr. Special Projects Analyst

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