BBG was founded on deep industry experience and proven legal acumen.  The expertise and thought leadership of our attorneys align with key segments of the construction industry. 

architectural detail: the underside of a roof


BBG advises clients on all legal aspects of vertical construction across a wide range of project types including hospitals, hotels, multi-family residential, offices, sports venues, conference centers, and educational buildings. From complex contract drafting and negotiation services in the board room to technical, multi-party dispute and claim resolution services in the court room, BBG’s attorneys provide industry-specific thought leadership and innovative solutions to the challenges presented by vertical construction projects.



Whether your issue involves technical processes, specialized production facilities, or unique project delivery such as Engineer-Procure-Construct or Integrated Project Delivery, BBG’s technically trained lawyers have experience addressing the high-risk environment of industrial construction. From chip manufacturing and telecommunications projects to pharmaceutical production, large-scale beverage bottling, oil and gas facilities, and power plants, we help clients navigate the legal pitfalls often encountered on industrial construction projects.

Real Estate and Development

With over fifteen years of business and legal experience in development and real estate matters, BBG has the knowledge and expertise to efficiently assist you with a wide range of real estate issues, including commercial and land leases, easements, mechanics’ liens, and deed restrictions. BBG also works hand in hand with general contractors exploring development opportunities for projects they will eventually build. We assist with structuring development transactions, managing land purchases and associated due diligence, facilitating public or private financing, and obtaining governmental approvals and entitlements. We’re here to help for all of your real estate and development questions or concerns.

Heavy Civil

The size, complexity, and public nature of modern civil infrastructure projects present unique challenges in the coordination, management, and performance of the work, as well complex legal challenges including public-private partnerships, multi-jurisdictional agreements, and multi-party teaming agreements. With our direct industry experience, including professional design and construction services, and insight into and experience with government contracting, BBG is uniquely qualified to represent clients in transactions and disputes involving construction of roads, highways, bridges, sewers, tunnels, and other large government and city projects. No heavy civil project is too large or complex for our team of legal experts to tackle.

External General Counsel

We know your legal needs can go beyond simple contract review or even dispute resolution. Your specific need for legal counsel is as unique as your business. For that reason, we offer tailored service and personalized counsel, with a focus on truly listening to your needs. We can assist with a wide range of matters including corporate policies and transactions, project troubleshooting, claims management, and training. With decades of in-house legal experience, our attorneys have been responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of legal services for ENR top 10 and top 50 companies. We bring that experience to bear for you, and focus on delivering results at the lowest possible cost. Our attorneys have a unique insight into how you view our role and how we can best help your company succeed and prosper in a highly competitive environment.

Water Infrastructure

Projects for the treatment, storage and transmission of water resources present complex legal challenges, including public-private partnerships, multi-jurisdictional agreements, and multi-party teaming agreements. Their sheer size and public nature amplify their inherent risks. We represent clients in all aspects of the development, construction and operation of water supply and sanitation systems, wastewater treatment plants, dams, retention ponds, storage tanks, levees, water pipelines and distribution systems, and similar facilities. Due to the unique industry experience of our attorneys, including direct professional design and construction services, we bring a deep understanding of the technical, commercial, and environmental considerations that impact your water infrastructure project.


Innovations in renewable energy require innovations in legal services. BBG works with clients in all phases of utility-scale renewable energy projects across the United States on industry-specific documents like Balance-of-Plant agreements, major equipment supply agreements, and operation and maintenance agreements. We support project financing teams with legal opinions, estoppels, consents, and assignments. And our litigators prosecute and defend a wide variety of complex claims through mediation, arbitration, and litigation in this and other construction-related industries.


In today’s competitive aviation market, BBG understands how construction projects fit into an airport’s desire to provide an exceptional travelling experience for their passengers. BBG provides guidance and legal expertise on contract drafting and negotiation, contract administration, and project support, including addressing changes and claims, throughout the life cycle of the airport construction process. Also, with many airports owned or controlled by local governments, BBG has the necessary government contracting experience to ensure successful project completion along with compliance with a variety of government programs.