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We are a leading construction law firm founded on deep industry experience and proven legal acumen.

BBG is a boutique firm specializing in the unique needs found inside the construction industry. Our team of construction lawyers combine legal experience with education, training, and industry experience in construction or real estate related fields, giving us a unique perspective within the area of construction law.


We combine both large law firm and in-house construction law experience to create an agile, focused team with the experience and capacity to solve complex problems for our clients.

Featured BBG’er

Kelsey Ets Hokin

In celebration of Women In Construction Week, Kelsey Ets Hokin is being honored as an AGC/CCA Waymaker!


Kelsey brings intelligence, tenacious attention to detail, problem solving skills, and a healthy sense of humor to her work as our Senior Special Projects Analyst (SPA), assisting our attorneys and clients in preparing and evaluating construction claims. Having proven to be a practice-changing addition to the construction litigation process, Kelsey was the first of a now five person group of experienced constructions professionals, all of whom happen to be women, assisting attorneys in complex construction litigation.

Kelsey Ets Hokin_1- featured BBGer

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Henry Bangert will speak July 7, 2022 at the Society of Construction Law North America…

Henry will be on a panel discussing "Disruption/Loss of Productivity Claims".  Disruption and loss of productivity often go in tandem, where loss of productivity is...



Laurie Choi to speak at ASPE Summit

BBG's Laurie Choi will be speaking at the ASPE Marble City Summit in Knoxville, June 24-25, 2022. Details & registration:

ASPE Marble City Summit in Knoxville


Laurie Choi shared Two Minutes with Colorado Bar Association’s The Loop